Frequently Asked Questions




What model is my Kenwood mixer?

Please look underside your machine on the information plate or view our models list - Click Here


Is your work guaranteed?

All our repairs carry a 6/10 months Guarantee.* ( T&C Apply)


How do I package my Kenwood Chef to send it to you?

We provide a link when booking in your machine, this gives step by step advice on how to package your machine for delivery. 


When do I pay?

After we finish working on your machine we will email you an invoice. Payment must be made before the machine is dispatched.


Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, for modern and old Kenwood Chefs. Older model spare parts can be limited due age.

Components and parts used  are Approved by Kenwood Manufacturing Co. Limited


Do you service attachments?

No, sorry we don't currently have the necessary equipment.


Do you supply instruction manuals?

Yes, please see the 'Downloads' or 'User Manuals' pages on our website. 


Are the Kenwood Chef mixers ready for folding?

The older A700 Series models are not, we recommend you only use at low speed for a few minutes as the main resistor runs very hot  A701 and newer models can be used for folding.


What do customers say about Kenwood Chef Restore?

Please see the feedback on our testimonials page - Here


Where are you?

We are based in Bridgwater, Somerset. TA6 6AQ.


RESTORATIONS and SERVICES - ( Apply Kenwood Chef Service Limited )


Who is  Kenwood Chef Service Limited ? 

Kenwood Chef Service Limited is a independent company founded in 2009. 

From  December 2015 Kenwood Chef Restore Ltd.  no longer Restore and Service mixers

You can visit their own website  Here


Kenwood Chef Restore Ltd. and Kenwood Chef Service Limited are the same company? 

No,  both are independent companies you can find more information at Company House website


What models do you Restore?

We can Restore any Kenwood Chef or Major model. ( except Cooking Chef and other versions like PM  )


What models do you Service/Repair ? 

We deal with Kenwood Chef, Major,  Titanium, Premier and KitchenAid.


Do you service/Repair other models Kenwood products ? 

No, we only deal with models above. for other products contact the manufacture


I owner of Kenwood KM240/265/280 ( Prospero ) or MX270  do you Service/Repair ? 

No, we only deal with models above,  Kenwood Prospero/Pattisiere  is not Kenwood Chef/Major 


What happen if you unable fix my Mixer ?

If we cannot repair your mixer for example obsolete parts we return to you with no diagnose cost, but Delivery is chargeable


My Mixer was  diagnosed but is over my budget can you return to me ? 

Yes,  if you decide no to continue due excess cost  there is a fee of £ 10.00 diagnose + delivery


Why Gearboxes are not covered by Gurantee 

This mixers are more 60 years old. the majority of broken gears happen for overload 

Customer must understand quantities and follow instructions recipe book is for that reason Gears are not covered by guarantee    


How do I contact you for a Restoration?

Please complete a form in contact us page. We will then email you packing details and explain what happens next.


Smoke came from my mixer when I used it, can this be Restored?

Yes we can repair it we can repair all serviceable motors during the Restoration process.


How long does it take to Fully Restore my Kenwood Chef?

Usually about 5-8 weeks if all goes well! 


How long takes Full Service? 

Service your mixer takes around 7-15 days always depending stock of parts 


What colour can I have it Powder Coated?

We are able to offer any colour of the rainbow or any RAL colour reference. See the colour palette on the Restorations webpage. You can also view larger colour swatchesHere


Do you spray the Plastic Trims ? 

We only  paint powder Coat ( Hot Process ) is tought and durable.   Spray plastics can be good on the first years but after some time come out. 

and our policy is long term finish..  for that reason We do not spray Plastics  ( that can be polished or replaced ) 


Do you Chrome parts or electro Plating ? 

No,  we dont chrome parts or electro plating we do not have the equipment for that.  


Why does my machine seem louder after the Restoration?

Your mixer may sound louder than before because the rubber feet may have been replaced, if the old feet were worn down preventing adequate airflow to the motor. By adding new feet the gap under the mixer has increased to ensure sufficient air flow and optimum cooling, but also contributing to the noise level. If you pick the mixer up off the work surface you will realise the full noise of the machine. The lack of airflow cooling to the motor makes the electronic components run hot and eventually fail. You are able to dampen the noise by placing the mixer on a towel, felt or rubber mat, but you must ensure it does not overheat. Some models have an air intake on the back so will be unaffected. 

If your Mixer was fitted with New 1200W motor . lower speeds should be quieter and Higher speeds louder remember is 900W more power

that must be checked when the mixer is empty 


Why does my Restored machine smell strange when working?

If your mixer was fitted with new electrical components you may experience a slight odour until they have reached operating temperature.

A700 and A701A may smoke on lower speeds for few seconds - thats is normal  



My A700 - A701/A mixer Smell burning on lower speed and overheat ?

Your mixer is fitted with old tech components the main resistor is made with ceramic  because  get very hot on lower speed 

The smell can be some dust or oil when the resistor gets hot,  that by no means is failing,  just burning the dust by the time.

if your mixer stop after some time using on lower speed leave to cool down and try again.  A700 and A701/A mixers cannot run on lower speed for long periods 


Why after my Restoration, would grease appear out of the medium speed outlet and some drip of planet outlet?

This sometimes happens and is due to the difference in temperature between the customer's kitchen and our workshop where the gearbox was reassembled. The temperature difference causes the grease to expand and overflow. Please remove excess with a cloth / tissue. 

Your planet hub is cleaned and lubricated with Food Safe Grease on hard operations like Kneading, some drips can appear. 

thats is normal and didn't affect/ruin the preparation, should stop after few uses.  



Do you sell Attachments?

Yes, please visit the Shop Online page - Here


Do you sell Accessories?

Yes, please visit the Shop Online page - Here


Do you sell Spare Parts?

Yes, but only for modern Kenwood Chefs. Please visit the Shop Online Page

Older model spare parts are reserved for our customers.


Do you sell New Mixers?

Yes, Please visit the Shop Online - Here




Where can I get an 'Instruction Manual?

in our Shop on line or if you already customer contact us




How can I pay?

The Shop on line accept,  American Express,  Visa,  Mastercard and Debits Cards,  PayPal  


The Workshop only  Bank Transfers and Cheques. 


When do I pay?

After we finish working on your machine we will email you an invoice. Payment must be made before the machine is dispatched.





Collections must be arranged by Customer,  information and packing instructions given by e-mail

Delivery Return ,  After payment is cleared we send an e-mail. 

We return your mixer using our courier,  may include packing and Box  if needed 


Do you supply a tracking number?

Yes, we provide tracking number when is dispatched 



My Mixer has arrived damaged?

You must notify to us within 24hrs received,  including pictures, fail to notify mean your mixer arrived in good condition



COMMON PROBLEMS-  Before get Serviced

Is it safe to use my old Aluminium mixer tools with food?

There are suggestions that food in direct contact with Aluminium cookware has health issues. The older tools that came with Kenwood Chefs are uncoated Aluminium and the newer tools are anodised or PTFE coated Aluminium. We advise anyone with concerns should "Google" this topic on the internet for further reading / advice. 

Stainless steel mixer tools are safe, stable, can put in the dishwasher and will last a lifetime. Please see the mixers tools page in our shop, if your require new mixer tools. - Here



What can I do if the mixer tool knocks against the bottom of the bowl or isn't reaching the ingredients in the bottom of the bowl?

Adjust the height. Here's how: 1. Unplug. 2. Raise the mixer head and insert the whisk or beater. 3. Hold it and then loosen the nut 4. Lower the mixer head. 5. Adjust the height by turning the shaft. Ideally the whisk or K-beater should be almost touching the bottom of the bowl. 6. Raise the head, hold the whisk or K-beater and tighten the nut. 

Please see your instruction manual or download one from our website.


Why is there oil dripping into my bowl from the beater socket and other outlets?

During our business of Servicing and Restoring Kenwood Chefs, we have become aware that some mixers have a problem with the grease inside the gearbox. The grease has broken down into a liquid form which begins to leak through the various outlets and the planetary hub socket. Because of this the gears inside the gearbox will be subject to faster wear as they are not being lubricated correctly. The solution would be to renew the grease in the gearbox with a new high performance grease to ensure it has proper lubrication. This will also extend its life and become a quieter running machine. Please check your machine has sufficient lubrication. 


My slow drive plastic cover is stuck and I cannot remove it? A701/A, A900 and KM Series

The front slow drive plastic cover is held in place by a pin that slides into the side of the internal shaft. The underside plastic lever controls the release of this cover. Make sure the pin and spring action is working to enable you to release the cover. If it is working, the other usual problem is if the front slow drive is not used for a long period of time, a grease leak from out of the drive makes the plastic 'stick' hard within the metal case. You would need to pull the release lever and twist, pull, push and move the plastic cover around until it gives. If the release level is not pulled at the same time you will break the plastic inside.


My mixer tool is stuck in the planetary hub?

Please contact the manufacturer

Please see our website for further details or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!