Kenwood Attachment Adapter KAT002ME - BAR Attachment Adapter to Twist (Hex) Mixer

Bar Adapter for Twist Type Kitchen Machines - KVC and KVL, kMix and Sense.

This clever adapter enables you to use older Kenwood Chef and Major Bar Connection attachments with your mixer.

  • Fits in to the front Slow Speed Outlet drive of your Chef / kMix mixer
  • Can be used with any attachment designed for use with the Kenwood Chef and Major from models A901 and later
  • Cannot be used with attachments from the older A700 and A701 series mixers.
  • Genuine New Kenwood Product


Kenwood mixers with the Twist (HEX) Connection Slow Speed Outlet:

Chef and Major with Twist Connection outlet:

  • KVC3100 Series
  • KVC5100 Series
  • KVC7300 Series
Chef XL:
  • KVL4100 Series
  • KVL4200 Series
  • KVL6100 Series
  • KVL8300 Series
All Sense Models:
Sense KVC50 (Chef)
  • KVC5000 Series
  • KVC5100 Series
  • KVC5300 Series
  • KVC5400 Series
Sense KVL60 (Chef XL)
  • KVL6000 Series
  • KVL6100 Series
  • KVL6300 Series
  • KVL6400 Series
Fits ALL kMix Models:
  • KMX50, KMX51, KMX52, KMX53, KMX54, KMX55, KMX56, KMX57, KMX58, KMX59
  • KMX60, KMX61, KMX64
  • KMX80, KMX81,KMX82 KMX83, KMX84
  • KMX93, KMX95, KMX97, KMX98, KMX99
  • KMX75
  • KMX754

Please advise your Mixer MODEL number found underside?

Model numbers can be found underside your mixer on the information plate.

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Kenwood Chef / XL & kMix KAT002ME - BAR Attachment Adapter to Twist (Hex) Mixer

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