Kenwood Pure Juicer Attachment for KVC, KVL Models New!

Extract the maximum goodness from fruit and vegetables. Carrots, courgettes and even cucumbers can all be fed in the scroll juicer with ease. Peeled citrus fruits are no problem and you can even make your own almond milk, perfect for lactose intolerance and healthy for the whole family.


  • KAX720PL
  • Interlocked for safety
  • Slow Speed outlet - Twist / Hex Connection
  • Genuine New Kenwood Product


  • Chef and Major models with TWIST Connection (not BAR drive)
  • All Sense and Sense XL models
  • All kMix Models

Fits Chef Models

  • KVC3100S, KVC7300S

Fits Major Models

  • KVL4100S, KVL6100S, KVL8300S


Sense KVC50 Series (Chef)

  • KVC5000
  • KVC5010
  • KVC5020
  • KVC5030
  • KVC5040
  • KVC5000T
  • KVC5000B
  • KVC5000G
  • KVC5000P
  • KVC5000Y

Sense KVL60 Series (Chef XL)

  • KVL6000
  • KVL6010
  • KVL6020
  • KVL6030
  • KVL6040
  • KVL6050

Kenwood Chef Elite

  • Chef Elite KVC5100 Series
  • Elite Chef XL KVL6100 Series

Kenwood Chef Models:

  • KVC7300 Series
  • KVC5100 Series
  • KVC3100 Series

Kenwood Chef XL Models:

  • KVL6100 Series
  • KVL8300 Series
  • KVL4100 Series

Model numbers can be found underside your mixer on the information plate.

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Kenwood Pure Juice KAX720PL Attachment for KVC, KVL Models - New!

  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Product Code: KAX720PL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £110.99

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