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Kitchen Foods 

 Provide the home baker or caterer/chef with Premium Bread Improvers, Donut Mixes, Cake Improver/Emulsifier and other ingredients/mixes etc along with some quality utensils and equipment.

Bread improvers are a must for decent airy and light home baked bread and are great for bread machines. We have different types of improvers for soft rolls/bread, Ciabatta, fruit bread or buns, soft wholemeal etc. We also have other great products like Full Cream Cold Set Custard, Choux Pastry mix etc.

We only stock the best quality items that we can find to ensure you enjoy the end result. Our aim is to provide a quality product with an old fashioned personal touch and service with a smile!!


For many years we are in contact with  them share  great infomation and knowledge .  take a look to their lovely website ! 

​​My kenwood es una empresa Argentina Online con más de 15 años de trayectoria teniendo como pilar la eficacia, el servicio exclusivo y personalizado. Gracias a esto, cubrimos las necesidades de nuestros clientes brindando información, asesoramiento, garantía y calidad en nuestros trabajos.​